Carolina Rain Photography

Im a stay at home mama & a full time wedding/family photographer. There's nothing I love more than sunflowers, my girls, my hubby, & boho vibes, Thunderstorms give me all of the feels too. Like Ive seriously wanted to try storm fact one time I had a couples session at the beach 12 hours before we were suppose to evacuate from a hurricane that was about to hit Charleston. It was one of the coolest things I've ever done and I would do it again!

My name is Angela!


Most days you can find me lounging in the pool during the summer. If I could be one thing it would be a mermaid. Weird, right? My heart belongs in the mountains, but I would be a mermaid in a heartbeat. Life can be so complicated ;-)
I like to call myself easy going and adventurous. I believe in one day waking up and saying "hey! Let's go on a trip somewhere." With no plan, just the road and the radio. Im always ready for something new. Life is too short to be stuck in an everyday routine. 
I’m obsessed with 90's music, holidays, gift giving, and self care. Jesus is pretty important too! I’d rather be in the country than the city. I frequently eat stuffed crust cheese pizza (my fav!) and my guilty pleasure is sour-patch kids. 

My heart belongs in the mountains

Im sure you have been researching a lot of different photographers. How do you know if Im the one for you?
I’m the kind of person who will jump around like a crazy monkey to make your babies laugh. I play games with my couples so you can interact with each other in the most fun way possible. My past wedding clients tell me I was a calming presence to them. Sometimes weddings can be chaotic and I believe that if you fall behind schedule people will still be there to watch you walk down the aisle. I remind you to take a deep breath and focus on what matters the most...YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED! Everything else can wait.

Let Me tell you why Im different